Top 8 Reasons Why Malaysia Can be the Best Place To Retire

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for a more adventurous retirement option. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I hope this can ease your burden to decide on where to retire. Here are the Top 8 reasons, why Malaysia can be the best place to retire:1. Your Dollars, Pounds or Euros buy so much more in Malaysia!Cheap places to live, cheap food and drink means you can retire on less money or retire while you’re still young enough to fully enjoy life. Depending on where you choose to live, your existing resources and foreign income (including internet income) can buy more (5 to 10 times) the value for similar items and services in the USA, Canada or Europe. Property purchase, lease or rental, food, drink, domestic services such as cooking, housekeeping – even medical care can be incredibly cheap compared to what you’re used to.2. Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest city in the world!It is! – according to report compiled by Swiss Bank UBS – (published in The Star Aug, 10 2006 You can enjoy a lifestyle far, far better than that available in most Western countries, with the same funds.3. Everybody’s rushing to come to MalaysiaTake a look at this quote from this article from Reuters:
“In the last four years, nearly 10,000 people have taken advantage of Malaysia’s package of a 10-year renewable multiple entry visa, tax exemption on pensions, a waiver of import and sales tax for vehicles, and permission to import domestic staff”4. Just about everybody speaks English!English is a compulsory subject in schools. All foreign movies and TV programs are not dubbed to the local language. Asking directions from an old lady or visiting rural villages will not be a hassle at all5. Close to nearby travel hotspotsNot only are three world-class playgrounds (Thailand, Bali, and the Philippines) all within a few hour’s travel from Malaysia, but miles of beaches and numerous coastal islands add to its tropical appeal6. Its just simply Shopper’s ParadiseMost of the items that tourists normally like to buy – perfumes, cosmetics, watches, fountain pens, a long list of electronic goods, branded goods etc. are completely free of tax. Quality goods from all over the world are imported and are relatively low in price and sold throughout Malaysia7. An abundant list of activities to be doneMalaysia has many diverse offers; from the best diving spots, to the oldest rainforest in the world. If you feel up to it, you can get your hands on beaches, scuba diving, boating, fishing, off road 4WD adventures, camping, hiking, swimming, golf, swinging in a hammock under a shade tree, site seeing, water parks, highlands, villages, bar hopping, nite clubbing, movies, restaurants, malls, modern shopping. Its all here! Furthermore, Malaysia is such a small country, all these locations are within hours (drive, much less with flights) from each other!8. International Food & FruitsIn today’s Malaysia, most towns have large shopping malls stocked with produce from all over the world so expatriate and retirees are not denied a plentiful supply of those favourite items which, in earlier decades, often led to suitcases being filled with one or two year’s supply of ‘vital’ necessities such as Marmite and Paxo Stuffing. But there’s so much local varieties, there won’t be enough time to eat that pastaSo there you go. These are the top 8, but as usual, the list goes on….